Wednesday, 30 November 2011

SBH-SOLO [Project update #6]

End of November. End of Solo Tabletop Gaming Appreciation Month.
Working with my solitaire plugin (SBH-SOLO) for Song of Blades and Heroes has been great fun, and I almost finished it before deadline, which is today!

All rules are there, but more play-testing is still needed. However, it has reached such status, that I have put it into v1.00. It is downloadable from Google docs here:

(I don't recommend anyone to try it out yet, I will need to run through it a couple of more times. Some rules are still untested, like the updated formula for calculating the number of activation dice the automated enemy will use. I will upload a new, more "stable", version of SBH-SOLO soon, hopefully within a week.)

This project has been quite exhaustive, so after it has finsihed for real, I will need to relax by doing some miniature painting or similar! But I have had a great time being a part of the tabletop solitaire community for this November, especially by reading all other solitaire player's adventures! Really got inspired by all that reading!


  1. Mats, this is some seriously excellent work! Just glancing at the effort alone is impressive! I'm very much looking forward to your "finished" version.

  2. Thank you JF! =)

    I will need to play-test more before releasing it as a "playable" product. If I manage to squeeze in 3-4 sessions this week and beginning of next, I should have something ready by the end of next week. I will post it here.