Saturday, 26 November 2011

My High Elf deck for Warhammer: Invasion

Have played four games of Warhammer: Invasion, and I must say I love the game!

I was sceptic in a previous post, where I complained about a so-so written rule book, a big errata and an even bigger FAQ. I have changed my mind. The game plays smooth, and we just had to pause a few times for looking up rule clarifications in the rulebook/errata/FAQ. We had a great fun playing, and would even call this game one of the best card/board games I have in my entire collection. It is that fun! And a very nail-biting game!

In the first two plays we used pre-compiled decks, but for the last two plays, we constructed our own decks. I went for a High Elf deck, with some elements of the Empire. My opponent went for a Darks Elfs deck, with quite large mix of Chaos elements. My opponent won the first game, and I the second. It was real fun constructing the deck, even though I just have the core game, plus two expansions (Assault on Ulthuan and The Burning of Derricksburg). Will buy more expansion though.

Below is a presentation of my High Elf deck. It is probably a weak deck since I am a newbie in this game, and don't have many expansions. I will tweak it further, and remove a few cards so I land at 50 cards.

Capital: High Elf
Total deck size: 53 cards
Number of High Elfs cards: 32 (~60%)
Number of Empire cards: 14 (~26%)
Number of Neutral cards: 7 (~14%)

High Elfs Units
Sword Masters of Hoeth (x3)
Shadow Warrior (x3)
Initiate of Saphery (x3)
Lelansi (x3)
Archmage of Saphery
Silver Helm Brigade
High Elf Spearmen (x3)

Empire Units
Nuln Tinkerers
Sigmar's Blessed
Gold Wizard Acolyte (x2)
Reiksguard Knights
Gryphon Legionnaire
Free Company
Pleasant Milita

High Elfs Supports
Blessing of Isha
Dragon Mage Wakening (x2)
The Glittering Tower

Empire Supports
Battle Standard

Neutral Supports
Alliance (Empire - High Elf)
Contested Fortress
Contested Villiage
Contested Stronghold

High Elf Tactics
"Do You Know Who I am?"
Gift for Life (x2)
High Elf's Disdain (x2)
Greater Heal
Radiant Gaze
Tear of Isha

Empire Tactics
Forced March (x2)

Neutral Tactics
Innovation (x2)
Boar Attack

High Elf Quests
Defend Tor Aendris

Empire Quests
Defend the Border

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