Sunday, 22 June 2014

I have a feeling that this blog might be dead

Wow, long time since last post. I have a feeling that this blog might be dead.

The truth is that I lack the time for maintaining it. How much I'd love to, there are so many other things in life that eat all my spare time.

This blog has mainly been for my boardgaming hobby. I still play boardgames, not that frequently anymore, but I do. I play most of my boardgames on my iPad these days, but from time to time, I have the chance to meet and play with a real player face-to-face. Hope to increase the latter in the future.

Today, I spend most of my spare time with this:

- family (wife and two daughters)
- private flying (holds a Private Pilot License)
- gaming (mostly on iPad)
- flight simulation (using X-Plane 10 + PilotEdge)
- drawing/painting (using ArtRage with a Wacom pen tablet)
- guitar playing and music production (using Propellerhead's Reason)
- and probably something more...

I will leave this blog as is. In fact, it has >800 hits per month, so there's still some interest. One of the most popular posts is this one (happens to be one of my favourite posts as well): My world of solitaire board gaming

I might return to this blog some day.

Until then, I'm on Instagram. It's actually there I post my geek photos these days. You'll find me behind this username: @monodesire

Take care! :-)

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