Thursday, 5 May 2011

Mythic GME + FU RPG Quick Reference Guide (v1.0)

Have created a Mythic GME + FU RPG Quick Reference Guide (v1.0) that summarizes how I use the Mythic GME to solitaire play the FU RPG.

The guide is downloadade here (pdf):

I really like how light and easy FU RPG is, and how well it fits the Mythic GME.

Currently, I use them to produce a role-played story (which I mentioned in a previous blogpost: Borås 2045). I'm in the first scene so far, and it is soon to be published. Just need to do a blog banner and some other art before I'm ready to launch it.


  1. Mats- I gave your Mythic & FU set a lookover and I like what you have. Nice job!