Sunday, 15 May 2011

First piece of artwork for my Borås 2045 project finished

My project called Borås 2045 is starting to shape up. I have both been writing on the actual story (built up by solo role-playing using Mythic GME and FU RPG), but also produced the first piece of artwork that I will use for the project:

Borås, year of 2045. A soldier of the invading force, using a classic
Kalashnikov (slightly modernized version; mainly the munition). Apparently,
the air is unhealthy.

I used a mix of pencil and water color to produce the picture. And of course, some digital editing using Photoshop Elements in the end.

My hope is to publish the project within a few weeks. Need to finish a few more pieces of artwork and the first posts of the actual story.

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