Sunday, 24 April 2011

Borås 2045

I have just started to write on a blog-based fictional story about my home town. The town's name is Borås, and the name of the story is Borås 2045, indicating the year in which the story sets off. A doomed, wasted and wartorned future. Only a few survivors left of the native population, hiding, trying to survive the superior force occupying their land, nuclear plant meltdowns, extensive pollution and inhuman life-threatening beings.

The story will be written in classic manner (i.e. story transferred from head to keyboard, and then published), but also using role-playing elements to come up scenes, characters and events. The Mythic Game Master Emulator* will be used for that purpose, in combination with a RPG (haven't yet found a suitable, easy and generic/universal candidate, but are thinking about Strands of Fate or FU RPG).

Unfortunately, the story will be written exclusively in Swedish (my native language, and therefore the language where I have the best possibilities of expressing myself). Even though not yet activated, the blog address is reserved and will be available soon at

* The Mythic Game Master Emulator is a product that enables you to run (basically) any standard tabletop RPG without a game master, which means you can even run solo. Mythic replaces the game master, so to speak. I will most likely come back to this very clever product in later posts.

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