Sunday, 24 April 2011

First post

Hi there,
and welcome to my blog - Mono Desire!

What you will find in this blog, are articles covering my interests. No personal or emotional garbage. Unfortunately, my interests are quite many, but time is limited. This blog is an attempt to keep myself focused on a limited number of hobby related projects at any given moment.

What you will see in this blog, are board gaming related articles (not only about playing board games, which is a big hobby of mine, but also board game design), tabletop role-playing game posts (experimenting playing solo adventures, as well as playing simple scenarios with my young daughters), electric guitar playing and music production stories (using my home recording studio, based on Propellerhead's Reason and Record recording software), drawing and painting fiasco attempts (preferably using water color), video game articles (mainly Nintendo DS/3DS/Wii, because these are the platforms where I currently play games), writing related stories (where I talk foolishly about my fiction writing failures), photography posts (showing what I like to do with my SLR camera), programming articles (since I, occasionally, enjoy writing Java code in my spare time, even though my full-time employment circles around programming), comic book reports (of my slow progress of reading, mostly comic books), and more.

Have a nice stay!


  1. Welcome aboard to, err, inner space? I just found your blog and I can see it has pretty much everything that interests me so consider me on board for the long haul.