Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Option Eliminate

Option Eliminate is my latest musical production. It is a song that probably falls into the ambient genre. The song is soft and slow (and basically instrumental, except for a short speech).

The song is downloadable here: Option Eliminate

I'm exclusively using Propellerhead's Reason (v5.0.1) and Record (v1.5.1). Everything I need, is availabe in these two programs (that actually melt together into one program if both are running at the same time). They contain synthesizers, audio recording support, effects (ranging from regular reverbs, delays, phasers etc, to Line6 POD effects for guitar and bass), drum machines, mixers, sampler, loop players, compressors, mastering tools, and much much more. The coolest thing is that you connect any and all of these devices using virtual cables, in any way you like. By doing that, an unlimited number of amazing sounds and effects may be created.

And best of all - the programs are extremely stable (never had a crash) and very efficient (low on system resources). One reason could be that VSTs are not supported, which I think is good (many others are of opposite opinion). No configuration or compability hassle, just pure joy! =)

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