Monday, 25 April 2011

Demonic Lyric Generator

Demonic Lyric Generator -
example of card 13
This was a two-weeks project that I made for my colleague/friend. I was invited to a party of his, where he was displaying his newly built home recording musical studio. I wanted to give him something handmade, more or less useful, with a BIG touch of humor. This resulted in the so called Demonic Lyric Generator - a song lyric randomizer using a deck of cards, with a demonic theme.

The Demonic Lyric Generator (version 1.1) consists of 42 unique cards, where each card contains five words, and a set of instructions. The idea is that the user of the Demonic Lyric Generator, will use this deck of cards to randomly produce a song lyric (or at least a part of it) by drawing cards from the deck and following the given instructions. Useful if one is dearth of ideas!

Of course, the result might end up extremely weird and close to unreadable nonsense, but from time to time, surprisingly cool sentenses pops out of the generator.

I did a couple water color paintings (demonic kind of theme, with pentagrams and reddish colors), scanned these, and finalized all cards in Adobe Photoshop Elements. Then I sent them to a regular online photo developer, and got all cards developed on thick paper. After cutting them, I put one front card together with one backside card in standard-sized card sleeve.

Version 1.1 of the Demonic Lyric Generator is available for free download here:  (contains all cards and a pdf document describing how to use the product)

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