Friday, 28 October 2011

Warhammer Invasion rushed to the market?

Bought the card game Warhammer Invasion a while back, but have not got the chance to sit down and try it. Two days ago I decided to read through the rules and learn it, so I could play it with a friend the upcoming weekend.

The reading started off quite good and I felt that I had a grip on most of the rules. Yesterday evening I figurered that I should set up the game on the table and try it out solo, just once before running it "live" with my friend. Then the bad feelings started to pop up...

While playing solo, I needed a few rule clarifications, so I went to BoardGameGeek and browsed through the game's rules forum for the answers. Hundreds of questions. Not a good sign. Then I went to Fantasy Flight Games' site and downloaded the official FAQ and errata document... then I went into shock... 18 pages of corrections and questions! Almost as many pages as in the rule book itself!

Okay, I will not give up on the game. I will plow through the FAQ/errata, together with some user-created turn sequence summaries that look nice. But I must say, I get the feeling that this game was rushed into release. I mean, so many questions, and so many printing errors. Okay, it is a big game, many hundreds of cards, so a certain amount errors is of course inevitable, but I do think this was in the upper edge...

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