Sunday, 23 October 2011

Song of Blades and Heroes

Bought Song of Blades and Heroes today - a set of rules for fantasy skirmish miniature wargaming. About 35 pages of easy-to-learn rules to be used with any kind of miniatures, e.g. paper miniatures, Lego figures etc. Will download or draw paper miniatures for a few races and try this out.

Need to try this on my own first, maybe develop a simple set of solitaire rules, so it will be easier to play on my own. Then try this with my gaming friends.

I have a half-painted Warhammer Fantasy Battle Chaos army deeply buried somewhere on the attic. I love the game, but I hate to paint. Or actually, I like to paint those miniatures, but I cannot spend the required time in doing so. Pity of course, since I really want to play the game, or at least some kind of miniature wargame. So that is why I started to look around for an alternative to Warhammer, and found Song of Blades and Heroes. Simple, quick and cheap!