Friday, 30 December 2011

Tabletop board games on Android

I have been an Android (smart phone) user for about two years. As a vivid board gamer, it is nice to see how more and more tabletop board games are (professionally) ported into the Android platform.

There is a useful blog over at BoardGameGeek, covering news and posting reviews of Android/iOS board game apps (board games ported from the tabletop world). It's found here: iOS Board Games (despite the name of the blog, it covers the Android platform)

I have so far bought and installed three board game apps:

An official version of Carcasonne, created by Exozet Games. The app is very true to the original board game. It features one expansion - The River II. Highly recommended if one cannot get enough of this classic. Would be nice if more expansions were added in the future though - would make it more challenging.

Hey, that's my fish!
Also a classic board game, this time from Fantasy Flight Games. Fun, quick and very good looking implementation.

Elder Sign: Omens
An Android implementation of the tabletop board game Elder Sign, also from Fantasy Flight Games. Basically the same game as its tabletop cousin, with very few exceptions (from what I have read; have not played the tabletop version myself, although I would like to).

The future of tabletop board games coming to the Android platform lokks bright. One title that is very welcome, and that is already available on iOS, is Neuroshima Hex. From what I can tell, it will hit the Android Market really soon, hopefully during January 2012. And then we have Victory Point Games. They have some really great tabletop board games (many solitaire titles), and with their entry into the Android development and one title released so far, I'm hoping for more, especially a release of one of their States of Siege(TM) titles.

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