Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Miniature terrain: Two abandoned cars (15mm modern/sci-fi)

Final result!
I have created my first piece of miniature terrain! Two abandoned cars, crashed upon a small hill of rocks. The terrain piece is intended for 15mm figures, and the setting would be modern or sci-fi.

The scenery is built on top of an old CD. The hill is created by spackling paste, and surrounded by sand. Then some fake grass (whatever it is called in English!). And of course, the two cars, that I stole (with permission) from my youngest daughter's (3,5 years) toy collection! I asked her if I could use them for a project of mine, and she said okay. I also told her that I have to break them, permanently attach them to a CD and then paint them, and she said okay. I said thanks! Very understanding girl!  ;-)

Final result - another angle!
I had great fun creating this piece of terrain, and it will certainly not be the last one I create. Now I just need MANY more, and also some fantasy themed pieces as well...
Before undercoating and painting.


  1. Wonderful! This looks fantastic and for being your first piece of terrain you've got a long and productive terrain making legacy ahead of you.

    I daresay I like them better than my own!


  2. Thanks a lot Mik! =)

    I had a look at yours, and they look terrific! We have used very different color schemes, but both look good in their own ways. I like your creative arrangements of the cars. Might steal one or two ideas from there! ;)