Monday, 21 May 2012

Mixed bag of gaming

Even though I haven't blogged much in the past month, I have been playing a lot more!

Since the last blog post (from the beginning of April), I have been doing this:

Multi-player gaming

Me, in a fierce battle of Song
of Blades and Heroes!
Ran one game of Song of Blades an Heroes with one of my gaming buddies. We had a lot of fun, especially in the end where my single human left on the board knocked down my opponent's five six orcs and gave me the win! Very unexpected, but a lovely twist!

Have started a long-term campaign of Memoir '44 (with the same gaming buddy). Got my hands on the Memoir '44: Campaign Book Volume 1. It was not an easy find, since the book has been out-of-print for quite a while. Anyway, I'm glad I got it, since it's very well done. So far we have played three scenarios and we intend to play through all three major campaigns (50 scenarios or so).

Solitiaire gaming

Field Commander: Napoleon,
in the middle of a battle!
I have, finally, dug into the solitaire game Field Commander: Napoleon from DVG (which I have owned since it was released last year, but not played, until now). The game is a masterpiece and I have rated it a 10 on BoardGameGeek. One of few games that I have rated this high. Reasons are many, which I will explain in a review (which will be posted here) as soon as I have played through all campaigns.

Other solitaire gaming activities would include some iPad gaming (yes, I bought an iPad2 not long ago; a wonderful piece of hardware). I have been playing Neuroshima Hex and Forbidden Island -- two very faithful digital implementations of board game originals.


  1. My buddies have really been enjoying the Small World and Ticket to Ride apps on the iPads.

    As for all the gaming, rock on, sounds like an epic game of SBH for sure. I'll have to check out Field Commander with praise like yours.

  2. Love both Small World and Ticket to Ride as tabletop games, so I will probably end up having them both on my iPad soon! And there are a few other great (board-)games in the pipe for iOS, especially thinking GMT's planned implementation of Commands & Colors: Ancients (and even Fields of Fire, from what I have read somewhere) and VPG is working on a States of Seige game. Good times for boardgamers! =)

    Of the three, so far, released Field Commander games, the Napoleon game is the one that I like the best. It's the biggest, most polished, most tactical, most fun and least random, out of the three. Recommended for any solitaire boardgamer with at least some traction towards war history.