Saturday, 10 March 2012


Last week, my eldest daughter came home from kindergarten with a plastic bag full of tree cones. She had found them in the woods when the children were out there playing. She offered me to have some of them. First I didn't see a need for them. But later that evening I started to think in game terms, more specifically, in miniature terms. I thought to myself, they would be really good as trees!

Now, a week later, I have completed thirteen of them, and I'm very pleased with the result. Okay, I know, they do not look like real trees should. But hey, they are for my Song of Blades and Heroes setting, and since we are talking fantasy, more or less anything is allowed!

Okay, here are two photos of the final products, with a 15mm orc lurking in the woods for reference:

And here are a couple of work-in-progress photos:

Found a box of washers in the garage. Good
enough as bases for the trees.

The first cone attached to a washer/base.
Used spackling paste and some stone
glue to build a little foundation for attaching
the cones.

All cones attached to one washer each! Next they
were all coated in Chaos Black and then painted.

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