Saturday, 11 February 2012

Built a painting station!

Wow, more than two weeks since last blog post. Not good. Not entirely sure why, but there has been quite a lot of overtime lately. However, things will get better (i.e. less work) in a few weeks.

Despite overall bad gaming related progress, I have actually managed to do something :  I have built my own painting station!

And here it is:

I woke up Sunday morning last week and said to myself -- "I'm going to build a painting station today" -- and so I did! During breakfast I did some quick drawings and came up with some rough measurement estimates. After finishing the breakfast, I went out in the yard and started to build. A few hours later, it was completed (except for the black paint, that I applied a day later). And today I added an old lamp I found in a since-long-forgotten moving box.

Even though the station is not a beauty (never was the intention), I'm very pleased with the result. The reasons for building one in the first place, are these:
  1. I usually paint minitaures and build terrain in our attic. During winter, especially when there are outdoor temperatures down at minus 15-20C, it gets quite cold up there. In other words, a not so nice environment to sit for a few hours and paint. Even hesitate to go up there sometimes.
  2. I feel very anti-social being up at the attic, alone, for a few hours painting. Now, with the painting station, I can bring down the work to e.g. the living room. Paint while watching TV with my spouse! Very convenient! =)
Here are two more photos (work in progress):

Work in progress. Just started. Built the painting
station out of an old IKEA cabinet.

Work in progress. Before black paint.


  1. I like this. An excellent idea, and I think you did a great job in the execution. Very impressive.

  2. Nice painting station, very organized. Currently my stuff is kept in some cardboard boxes and a toolchest... really messy.

  3. Thank you both for your kind words! =) Almost finsished three figures yesterday evening thanks to the new painting station. Really nice to be able to sit in the sofa, in front of the TV, being social at the same time as being hobby productive! ;-)

  4. Carpentry skills too! Looks really good, you could sell these.

  5. Haha, those carpentry skills are really basic, trust me! ;) And the painting station is a lot more useful than it is beautiful! Anyway, I'm happy with it. Thanks for the kind words.