Thursday, 5 January 2012

Figure painting: Eight armoured orcs

Completed painting eight 15mm orcs today (did not paint them entirely today; have been working on them to and from during a couple of weeks). A good day! =)

They are all Chariot Miniatures (obtained from Magister Militum [GOB12]).

I'm a newbie painter, but I'm quite happy how they turned out.


  1. Great job! You should try Warrior Heroes: Armies and Adventures (

  2. Thanks! =) Have had my eyes on TwoHourWargames a long time, and actually bought FNG2 a few weeks back. Since FNG2 is Vietnam, my fantasy figures won't be much help there. But Warrior Heroes certainly looks interesting, especially like the mix of RPG and miniature gaming. Does it support solo playing like Rally Round the King, 5150, FNGx etc?